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Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM is the newest access radio station to appear on the New Zealand landscape. The first access station to be granted funding by NZ On Air in over a decade, Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM is broadcasting from the highest point in New Plymouth city, Maungaroa (Windy Point or Blagdon Hill).

Having been gifted the use of its offices and studios by Telecom/Chorus, the station has a good amount of internal space and parking areas – with the best view any station could wish for.

The station has two studios – the On-Air Studio and the Production Studio (Blue Skies and Cloud 10), and functions with a Broadcast Coordinator, two Community Liaison personnel, and one permanent production person. At an early point, 100+ community groups had applied to broadcast on a range of levels – from an hour once a week to 10 minutes once a month.

An establishment grant from NZ On Air, along with a MCH granted FM frequency (104.4FM) saw the studios outfitted and the station broadcasting from midday on July 12th 2010.

The essential musical direction of the station between community broadcasts is World Music, but with plenty of space made for Taranaki and New Zealand music.

Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM welcomes new community broadcasters – and is contactable on (06) 751 3720.