Community Broadcasters
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Our belief is that anybody and everybody in the community is a potential programme-maker. Our programmes are made and broadcast by the community groups themselves (rather than by professional broadcasters), and need not sound like what’s produced anywhere else. This is the whole point of difference between Access and mainstream radio.

This ethos is reflected in Radio Kidnappers’ well-known catchphrase “putting YOU on air” and is also part of our Mission Statement.

The station is governed by the Radio Kidnappers Charitable Trust Inc which is made up of a mix of persons from our local community. The Trust in turn is responsible to both NZ On Air and the Ministry of Economic Development.

We can be heard clearly throughout all of Hawke’s Bay – including up in Wairoa and Mahia, and down in Waipawa/Waipukurau. Depending on atmospheric conditions, we can often be heard in other nearby districts during the day (eg Dannevirke, Gisborne, Taupo etc), and even further afield at night. It also depends on whether you are listening to us on AM or FM, as each has different reception characteristics.